Whether you’re moving home or moving office, you don’t have to worry about making multiple trips back and forth to shift your belongings. Our experienced removal team takes care of everything from packing up your items to making sure it’s delivered to the new location safely.

Moving Day doesn’t have to be stressful anymore, with Evershine Haulage the move will be as painless as possible! Our team takes the time to survey your site and see how much you have to move and will offer you a customized quote.

Need to move ASAP?
Give us a call on our 24-hour contact number and we’ll check our availability. Don’t forget to give us as many details as possible on your move.

Our Removal Services
Domestic Moves- Shifting household items when you’re moving house. We take care of things like fragile crockery, furniture, electrical appliances.Commercial Moves- If you’re factory or office space is moving, then you need to make use of a professional removal team that has experience dealing with heavy machinery and industrial equipment. These items need to be moved with care and strictly monitored throughout the delivery process.

Inter-State, Inter-Country or Local Moves- It doesn’t matter if you’re moving 5 minutes away or to another country, the process will receive the same amount of precision and care. With Inter-State and Inter-Country moves, there will be several legal compliances and quality checks that we will have to comply with. Rest assured, we will explain the process to you from start to finish.

Gradual or Staggered moves- Not moving in at once? Let us our team guide you on how to make the shift easier and more efficient for you.

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