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Heavy haulage is the transportation of abnormal loads which can include everything from farming machinery to oil. These loads have to be transported by an experienced team driving specialist vehicles that can handle the weight and height of the load safely and efficiently.

Several types of loads can be transported depending on your needs. Most commonly, businesses require services that transport bulldozers and construction machinery, farm machinery, piling and drilling rigs, engineering components, wind turbines and more.

It takes good experience and planning skills to execute abnormal load transportation. Once the pickup point and destination has been confirmed, a specialist vehicle will arrive to collect the load using a winch to carefully pick up the equipment or machinery you need to be taken. Extremely large loads may need to be authorised by the Highways and Bridge Authorities or the police before they can be transported.

For heavy loads, haulage services are the only way to safely transport them. For businesses that rely on machinery and large equipment, moving them around is essential for their work plus it’s more cost-effective to move big loads rather than several small loads.

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